Getting to know the plants’ growth and benefits

Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Holy Basil, or “Tulsi” (photo by Alexandra)

Thanks to my husband who is a wonderful gardener, I have gotten to get acquainted with many healthy herbs growing in our own garden this summer.  Arnica, calendula, holy basil (tulsi), peppermint, catmint, feverfew, lovage, comfrey, oregano, thyme, bay, parsley, cilantro, lavender, Sage, pineapple Sage, bee balm, bacon, wild rose, lemon balm, yarrow, fennel, raspberry leaf, sorrel, scented geranium, and dandelion.

I have learned that my little roses dry in better shape than larger roses, and the color changes and intensifies when they are dry.  I have learned that some herbs are harder than others to dry effectively, and I’m quite happy to buy them (like Nettles).  I used to see pictures of people drying their mint by pulling off each leaf and laying them out separately and I thought they were way too fastidious!  and then learned that that helps immensely to make the leaves dry well and stay bright green.  And i have learned that I love fennel seeds that are immature (green and juicy) — and there is no way to get that at a store.  But freezing them turns them black and unappetizing!  So much yet to learn.

We continue to learn about the benefits of each plant — and it’s remarkable how many benefits each plant has.  If you are curious, just google something like “Calendula benefits.”  You will see that our marketing materials have to pick a few benefits from a list usually of over 20.

(Thank you to Alexandra for many of the beautiful photos!)

Bee Balm (photo by Alexandra)
Calendula (photo by Alexandra)


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