See and Smell New Plant Balms Products at BPA Associates December 4 and 5 Sale

I’m excited to share with you some new, delightful products I’ve developed this year. I’ve had a blessed year of being retired and building a farm with my amazing husband and having the time and fresh materials to create new teas and skin products.

It’s hard to pick among my favorite products, but let me tell you about these three new ones:

  • Bronze Mint Tea. When a family member was diagnosed with diverticulitis, I started making an earlier version of this tea. This new formula has all kinds of soothing ingredients, and it’s delicious — and beautiful!

  • Arnica Oil. When you overdo or injure yourself, arnica is a well known plant for bringing healing energy to body parts. My firsthand experience was dropping an 8 lb solid block of food on my little toe. I poured off some oil i was infusing at the time, and the throbbing stopped immediately with no later bruise or pain!
  • Subtle Scentual Oil. I’ve been craving an oil that smelled heavenly and didn’t feel oily, to use on my hands and face. This oil is infused with Rose, Lavender, Calendula and Chamomile flowers, and the color and scent are purely from the flowers — no additives.

The BPA Associates Craft Fair takes place in the BPA lobby, 905 NE 11th Ave, Portland OR on Wednesday & Thursday, December 4 & 5, from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm each day. My tables will be directly across from the cafeteria entrance. Visitors (i.e. those without a security badge) need to check in at the security check point at the main door off of the circular patio area off of 11th.

Check out your old favorite and the new products on the Plant Balms website.

I’m looking forward to seeing my sweet, loyal customers and friends! Please come say hi.

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