Homegrown Health

I wish I could invite you to our farm so you could see first hand how our flowers and herbs grow, and how easy it is to incorporate healing plants into your life!

This summer we learned a lot about what it takes for farmers to put fresh food in our markets and our homes. We started selling produce this year through a farmer’s market and through a “food hub” that we helped form. Visit our website to get a glimpse of the fun!


By far my favorite herbal lesson of the year is how great Arnica oil is at preventing swelling and bruising! And sometimes easing aches and pains. Particularly for shoulders. The most startling story though had to do with our neighbor being kicked below the knee by a steer. Hard enough to rip his jeans. I ran home to get the oil for him, and he was shocked that even days later he had no swelling or bruising, and only a little tenderness upon touching. It’s great to have on hand.

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