Lip Balm


Amount: .1 oz
Ingredients: Calendula infused in coconut oil and apricot oil, moringa oil, beeswax
Use: Lip balm can be used on your lips, or on any skin where you need moisturizing.
Description: The key ingredient in this lip balm is made from soaking calendula flowers in coconut oil. Calendula is known as a very effective skin soother, yet it is gentle enough for babies. This lip balm is soothing to the skin, with the perfect balance of wax and oil. It goes on very smoothly, and stays in place, working the healing properties of calendula and protecting the lips from harsh weather. It has a nice stable nature in cold or hot temperatures, not getting too hard or too soft. This balm can also be used on any skin irritations, like minor cuts or rough hands and cuticles.

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Customer Comments
“It feels so good, and brought relief for my chapped lips. I carry it with me all the time.”
“It’s such a pleasure to read the ingredients. Compared to regular over the counter products, this one is simple, soothing, and not full of harmful chemicals.”
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